- Kevin Zazzali

Stefano Seghedoni was not like the other Italian kids from Modena. He had no dreams of being a star on the soccer field. Instead, Seghedoni became interested in and started studying the powerful art form of opera. He began his musical education spending countless hours learning composition, conducting and playing the piano.

Now Seghedoni, 36, is a conductor at the Academia Del Teatro, the theater academy of Cagli, Italy. He will be conducting two productions during the summer season: The Tavern of Marechiaro and Don Pasquale. The Tavern of Marechiaro was composed by Giovanni Paisiello (1768). It is a comedic opera that examines two couples from different social classes. Gaetano Donizetti composed Don Pasquale (1843), a comic opera focusing on romance and marriage.

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Modern Art in an Ancient City

- Alyssa Porambo

To arrive in the heart of contemporary art in Cagli requires a journey off the beaten path.   Instead of heading right to the exhibit at the Torrione, an ancient fortress that has been converted to a museum, walk down the narrow side streets off Piazza Matteotti and pull on one of the large metal door knockers.

Past the warm light from a skylight above, a flight of glowing stairs awaits you.   A small dog barks. And then the dimly lit studio reveals dozens of delicate pencil drawings and darkly colored books spread all over the large wooden drawing table in the middle of Ettore Sordini's workroom.

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Opening Night

- Elizabeth Samolis

The closed velvet red and gold curtain complements the antique feel of the town theater.   The audience slowly moves to their seats.   The chatter of eager viewers mimics the hustle behind the curtains as the singers take places.   The second ring of the bell signals that the show is about to start.

The theater awakes as the curtain opens to reveal an array of vivid colors and one solitary actress. The curly-haired conductor flicks his baton, the music starts, and his arms begin moving widely in complete control of the instrument.


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