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Student Contributors


AqelLara Aqel

Lara is a sophomore at American Universitywhere she double-majors in International Studies and Visual Media.She hopes to eventually pursue a career in documentary journalism and narrative film.

Video, Photos and Text -

Working in a New Land



BestKatherine Best

Katie is a rising senior at Loyola College in Maryland. She majors in Communications with a specialization in Advertising/Public Relations and will graduate in the spring of 2009.

Video - Italian-American Love Story    Photos - Police Commander

Text - Passion for Photography



BlassDiana Blass

Diana will be a Sophmore at American University this coming Fall. She is studying Communications and hopes to pursue a career within Broadcast Journalism.

Video - Home-Grown Rock       Photos - Artistic Fusion

Text - Relationships and Marriage



BoehlKathleen Boehl

Kathleen is a member of the Loyola College class of 2011. She is a communications major, specializing in digital media and minoring in advertising and studio art. After graduation she plans to pursue a career in graphic design.


Video, Photos and Text -

Regional Doctor



BramletKellie Bramlet

Kellie is a senior at Marquette University, where she is a
journalism and writing-intensive English major. She will graduate in
December 2008.

Video -  Dancing with Life       Photos - Relationships and Marriage

Text - Home-Grown Rock



BrandaburMeghan Brandabur

Meghan attends Gonzaga University. She is a rising senior and will be graduating in December of 2009. She loves to travel and hopes to return to Italy soon.

Video, Photos and Text -

Memories of the Resistance



BrutocaoKatie Brutocao

Katie just graduated Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington with a degree in Applied Communications. She plans on moving home to California to begin her job hunt.

Video - Mobile Marketplace        Photos - Passion for Photography

Text - Police Commander



CammarataNatalie Cammarata

Natalie is a graduate of Ohio University's E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. She will begin working on her master's degree at OU in the fall.

Video, Photos and Text -

A Working Grandmother



CaseyBrittany Casey

Is a studdent at Gonzaga University.



Video - Home-Grown Rock       Photos - Relationships and Marriage

Text - Dancing with Life



ConnorsJamie Connors

Jamie is a rising Senior in Loyola College and plans to graduate in 2009. I am majoring in Communications with a specialization in Public Relations.

Video - Passion for Photography       Photos - Mobile Marketplace

Text - Italian-American Love Story



DoscherBryan Doscher

Bryan is a rising senior at Loyola College in Baltimore. A member of the class of 2009, he is an English major with a minor in Public Relations.

Video, Photos and Text -

Assuming the Family Business



DudhnathJuanita Dudhnath

Juanita is a recent graduate of Loyola College in Maryland. She
earned a bachelor’s in Communication with a specialization in Digital
Media and was a business minor.

Video, Photos and Text -

Wine of Ca'Le Soure



FreisherEmily Freisher

Emily is a magazine journalism major at Temple
University.  After graduating in spring of 2010, she plans
to pursue a career as a health and beauty editor.

Video and Text - Cheese Farm

Photos - Partners in the Hunt



GrazianoFrank Graziano

Frank is a rising junior at Loyola College majoring in Communications and specializing in journalism.


Video and Text -Partners in the Hunt

Photos - Cheese Farm



MarcheseLena Marchese

Loyola College
Lena is a rising senior who has a double major in Communications and Spanish at Loyola College.


Video and Text -Development in Cagli

Photos - Roman Influence



MartinMarisa Martin

Marisa is a student at Loyola College in Maryland. She will graduate in 2010 with a major in communications (advertising
specialization) and sociology minor.

Video, Photos and Text -

An Art School Closes



MillerBridget Miller

Bridget is a Journalism and Business student at University of Arizona. She will graduate in December of 2009 and plans to earn a Masters in Advertising

Video, Photos and Text -

Cultural Center of Cagli



MurtaughMarissa Murtaugh

Marissa is a senior at Temple University majoring in Journalism.  



Video, Photos and Text -

The Family of Caffe d'Italia



NuteAndrew Nute


Andrew is a senior at the Universit of Colorado studying Humanities with a primary focus on communication and a secondary focus on Art History. He plasn on writing as a journalist after graduating.

Video - Police Commander     Photos - Italian-American Love Story

Text - Wednesday Marketplace



PizzitolaMegan Pizzitola


As a Senior Organizational Communications major at the University of Portland, Megan hopes to someday find myself in the fields of web design or graphic design.

Video - Text - Roman Influence

Photography - Development in Cagli



PortallaTamara Portalla

Tamra is a second-year graduate student at the University of Rhode Island,  who plans on graduating with a masters in Communication Studies and then pursuing her Ph.D.

Video, Photos and Text -

Dedication and Creativity




ShermanAudrey Sherman

Audrey will graduate in December of 2008 as a Media Studies major and Journalism minor from the University of San Francisco


Video, Photos and Text -

A Philosophy of the Plate



ThompsonL'Oreal Thompson

L’Oreal recently graduated Magnum Cum Laude from Loyola College in Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and a minor in Spanish.


Video - Relationships and Marriage           Photos - Dancing with Life

Text - Artistic Fusion



TumoloMichelle Tumolo

Michelle, a rising senior at Loyola College in Maryland, is a communications major with a journalism specialization.


Video, Photos and Text -

Meat and Cheese Vendor