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Living and Working

The Family of Caffe d'Italia

By Marissa Murtaugh
Caffe d’Italia has been an integral part of life for generations of Cagliese – and the family that has owned it.

Busy Grandmother

By Natalie Cammarata
The Italian working mom: She speaks five languages, works two jobs, and on her only day off bakes a cake for her granddaughters.

Assuming the Family Business

By Bryan Doscher
While many young Cagliese search for exciting lives in larger cities, Alessandro Nucci is stepping into his father’s trade as a jeweler.

Resident Doctor

By Katie Boehl
This doctor not only makes house calls, she makes town calls, traveling to see patients in another town each week.

Passion for Photography

By Katherine Best
The stunning images of photographer Matteo Fiorucci support his contention that he can find beauty everywhere.

Police Commander

By Katie Brutocao
Cagli’s new police chief wears a dress - and that’s just fine with the cops who work for her.

Mobile Marketplace

By Andrew Nute
The oldest shopping malls in the world may be the traveling markets-on-wheels like the one that rolls into Cagli every Wednesday.

Meat and Cheese Vendor

By Michele Tumolo
For 30 years Alessandro Fusciani and his family have been bringing the best of Marche’s meats and cheeses to Cagli shoppers in their shop on wheels.

Development in Cagli

By Lena Marchese
Housing prices follow renovation costs in the historic section of Cagli where residents are dedicated to preserving the past.

Italian - American Love Story

By Jamie Connors
The young American wife of an Italian hair stylist says the reality has come close to the dream.

Working in a New Land

By Lara Aqel
Fatima Mochtare is the Cagli face of a wave of Moroccan immigrants struggling to find new lives in Italy.

Cheese from the Farm

By Emily Freisher
A Cagli farming couple continues the vanishing tradition of hand-making pecorino cheese, a revered icon of Marche cuisine.

History and Culture

Artistic Fusion

By L'Oreal Thompson
Projection artist Paolo Buroni travels the world bringing art and light to buildings and stadiums.

Partners in the Hunt

By Frank Graziano
A hunter tramps the forests and fields around Cagli with his hounds continuing a tradition as old as any in Italy.

Wine of Ca'Le Soure

By Juantia Dudhnath
Ca’Le Soure Vineyard is a jewel in the mountains producing wines seldom tasted beyond the Cagli area.

Dedication and Creativity

By Tamara Portalla
Ceramic lamps, vases, clocks and more come to life in the bold yet delicate art of Linda Zepponi.

Philosophy of the Palate

By Audrey Sherman
The Slow Food movement that began in Italy is gaining momentum in Cagli where the local food industry embraces ancient traditions.

Cultural Center of Cagli

By Bridgett Miller
The elegant Teatro Communale is the hub of a rich cultural life that would be the envy of American cities many times the size of Cagli.

Memories of the Resistance

By Meghan Brandabur
When he was 10 years old Domenico Reali split his time between the soccer field – and helping partisans escape the Nazis.

Revising Family Traditions

By Diana Blass
In a city with 15 churches in a country that is home to the Catholic tradition, young couples are choosing to have children out of marriage.

Home-grown Rock

By Kellie Bramlet
In a city with a rich opera tradition, there’s a thriving underground music scene from grunge to new-age.

Art School Closure

By Marisa Martin
Sad irony: In a city with a rich cultural life, the 200-year-old tradition of an arts high school is coming to an end.

The Dancer's Life

By Brittany Casey
Irene Calagreti makes the transition from star pupil to teacher at the Cagli dance school that honed her skills.

Roman Influence

By Megan Pizzitola
Cagli’s origins as an outpost on Rome’s Via Flaminia echo today in a bridge that can still carry traffic.





Reports for this website were produced by students enrolled in the Institute for Education in International Media, Summer 2008.


Teams resided in Cagli, Italy and collaborated on the production of all aspects of this online presentation


This is the eighth year IEIMedia has conducted this intensive, experiential learning program. Students received academic credit from Marquette University for their efforts.